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Overcome limitations and step into your greatness. 

Explore & define your core values

Be insightfully straight about your daily habits

Make your self-care a top priority

Commit to an enlivening new plan 

Be held accountable

What does Aliveness mean to you?

 For many, a big part of this  means becoming more fit.  This is important because our bodies are what we move through life with.  We want to feel good in our bodies and cardio workouts are an important part of the equation.  Who doesn’t love the exhilarating, vibrant life energy & stress-relieving sweat that comes from a good workout session?

And yet there’s a a component of true aliveness that’s missing in our busy lives & never-ending to-do lists.  We’re tired, plugged into the digital world & experiencing increasing disconnect from ourselves & life around us.  Life has turned into something to ‘get through’ rather than an immersion into the joy & pleasure of the priceless moments of our life experience.

Why Janelle?

What’s different about Janelle is that she is an expert in both worlds – fitness & stillness.  She deeply understands the benefits of both and her passion is to deliver those to you for your next level of health & wellness.

Janelle brings her unwavering commitment, deep listening & dynamic energy to hear where you most want to be within body, mind & spirit. Then she guides you along to your destination with your journey as the top priority.

  You’re life situation and needs are uniquely yours. Together, we get to the root of what you need, we cut through the old habits and behaviours that get in your way of achieving the next level in your health.  We create a fresh new structure to bring mindfulness, vitality and joy as you increase your health & wellness to the next level.

You Owe it to Yourself!

Credibility & Expertise

Janelle’s expertise in consulting & coaching is highlighted from years of racing as a professional Ironman distance triathlete & comeback, against all odds, to elite level racing.  Janelle’s commitment to what she knows is really possible is directly translated into her work with you. She has degrees both in Psychology & Education, yoga certifications, formal leadership training & the firm belief that any & all challenges are truly golden opportunities.  Janelle offers you and your health what no one else does.

Make what’s possible for you, your health and your life – POSSIBLE.

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