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In this series of ground-breaking seminars Janelle shares the powerful possibilities of aligning spirit, mind and body, through fitness & stillness.

Experience your ultimate potential.

In Sport. In Health.  In Life.


Available Seminars & Presentation Topics with Janelle Morrison:

1. “A Second Chance” (Janelle’s Story & Discovering Stillness)

Move your Body. Still your Mind.

Janelle shares her story about pushing hard as a professional triathlete, barely escaping death in a serious auto accident and her courageous, “impossible” comeback to elite level racing. She shares the brutal truth about what drove her recovery and her discovery of what was missing in a mysterious place—a shamanic pilgrimage to Mount Shasta, California with her coach, IRONMAN World Champion, Mark Allen.

2.  “Breath and Your Best Workout

The mind follows the breath. The body follows the mind.

Discover how effective breathing techniques release tension, anxiety and stress—not only in your training and workouts, but in the everyday moments of your life. Learn to use belly-breathing to tap into your life force and vital energy and increase performance. Experience the power of a unified mind and body with the most essential and natural methods available to human beings.

3.  “The Stillness Experience – Includes 3 min/40 day Challenge

*Inner silence is the most potent response to challenge and will take you beyond it every time.

Tap Janelle’s experience as a certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher and learn the most powerful meditation and stillness practices to integrate mind and body. Explore how the effect of just a few minutes of daily stillness practice impacts your nervous system, groundedness, performance and peace of mind in training, in racing and in your life!

4.  “Motivation vs. Inspiration

*Inner peace, then outer results. Not the other way around.

Motivation requires pumping yourself up and it’s always to get to a result. Who doesn’t like to achieve results? I sure do!! Yet motivation comes and it goes, and you’re either working hard to keep motivated—or just working hard.

Inspiration comes from within. It’s a context you create, a deep “why” that pulls you forward with ease, effortlessness and flow. It has nothing to do with a result, yet it creates results that you never thought possible.

This session is about how to be the source of your inspiration in your fitness AND life goals.

5.  “Mindful Eating – Includes The Chocolate Meditation.

*Life is a prayer.

As an athlete you eat a lot. You love to eat. You’re aware of what you eat and mostly you make healthy choices. You’re the person who shops the perimeters of the grocery store, and rarely in the middle.

Still, there’s only so many hours in a day. At times, you’re eating in the car on the way to a workout, or in front of your computer. Occasionally, you notice you just ate at meal but aren’t sure what you ate!

Mindful eating involves putting your full attention on the experience of eating and drinking, both inside and outside the body. You pay attention to the colours, smells, textures, flavours, temperatures, and even the sounds of your food. You pay attention to the experience of your body.

It also involves observing the impulses that arise to distract ourselves—turning on the computer or tv or reading as we chew our food. With mindful eating, we notice the impulses as they arise and return to the essential bliss of eating!

6.  “The Power of Intention

*Greatness begins once the battle is done.

How often do we start a workout without an intention or complete it without acknowledgment and appreciation? We’re just onto the next thing!

A workout is one of the most creative and ALIVE experiences for human beings. What we’re capable of, what the body does in a workout is an often-missed miracle! Discover how setting an intention before your workout begins creates the space to move your workout from getting it done” to meaningful, powerful and inspirational. Experience how finishing your workout with acknowledgement and appreciation boosts your sense of accomplishment and confidence, making you look forward to your next session with enthusiasm and vital energy!

7.  “Breaking Through Limitations

*The final step is possible only because of the thousands taken before it.

In this presentation, you’ll take a close look at limiting beliefs and habits that don’t serve you.

As a group, we will discuss the meaning of the following power equation:

*Total Surrender + Total Commitment = Great Significance.

You’ll get insightfully straight about at least one disempowering habit that doesn’t serve you. Then you’ll discover how to release it, create an open space and replace it with a brand new, empowering habit. Finally, you’ll learn how to maintain and expand habits that support you in creating the life you want!

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*Quotes used above are from Mark Allen’s 2014 book: The Art of Competition