How to do a 40 day meditation practice!

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Do you need a positive boost in day-to-day life? Are you looking for a something but you just can’t put your finger on exactly what?

Ever thought of doing a 40 day meditation? 40 days of meditation, where if you miss a day, you start over?


Before you click the little red “x” at the top left of your screen, hang tight.  I  know.  40 days can seem like a lot. Life is busy and full and how on earth is there going to be time to commit to a 40 day meditation?

What about  you owe 11 minutes a day…to yourself!

The first time I did a 40 day meditation, which is a key practice in Kundalini Yoga to develop commitment to self… I got to day 32.

Some days I was inspired to go to my mat and practice. Some days I was tired & wanting to do something else.  And in each experience I learned something about myself.

The thing about a 40 day meditation is that it you go through all sorts of states of mind and experiences.  And every day you’re asked to choose.  To practice or not to practice. And each day you choose to practice you strengthen something.  You get that you have a say.

For me on day 32, I had a big travel day and I didn’t complete my meditation that day.  I felt crappy for awhile.  Like I had a great big F for “failure” on my forehead.  I like to ‘get things right’ and not completing my 40 day meditation felt like  big deal to me.

Then I got that a 40 day meditation isn’t about pass or fail.  That I had learned so many things about myself in the past 32 days.  AND that I could start again.

And so I did.

Having a daily mediation/stillness practice that you give to yourself boosts self-confidence, enhances mental clarity and consistently reminds you that you can create anything when you choose it, no matter the circumstances.

 5 tips for a 40 day Meditation Practice:

1.)  Commit & Show Up!  The hardest part of the mediation is getting to the mat. Your mind will think of any possible excuse of why you can’t practice today.  Move through that resistance, however strong it may seem, and get to your mat.   The simple act of showing up has you show up to your life!  Say YES to practice with your whole heart.

2.)  Set a Timer Provide yourself structure. When you set the timer for say, 11 minutes, you can fully surrender into the experience.  It will allow you to deepen your meditation and experience, minimize distraction and get far more out of it.  There’s nothing you need to do…other than focus on the task at hand.

3.) Be Consistent:  Practice in the same place and at the same time each day. By returning to the same place each day, you strengthen your commitment to the practice. Create a ritual in how you approach your meditation.  Take a cold shower, change into fresh clothes, wrap yourself in a cozy blanket. Train your mind and body to rise up when you sit on your mat!

4.)  Listen to Mantra Music  Sacred chant music will help still the mind. We live in a sea of sound and it can be used to promote healing in spirit, mind and body.  Allow the Naad, sound vibrations, to calm and soothe your monkey mind and bring it to a single pointed focus during practice.

Here are some of my personal faves:  Snatam Kaur  Nirinjan Kaur  Ajeet Kaur  Jai Jagadeesh

5.)  Have an accountability partner:  Have someone there to pull you up when you’re down and share with when you’re up!  You’ll face challenges.   It’s all part of the perfection of this amazing thing we call the ‘human experience!’ You’ll go through all sorts of spaces.  You’ll even dredge up some dark stuff during a 40 day meditation practice, and the gentleness of ‘being with’ all experiences is the deepest act of self-care.  This is made far easier when you’re doing it with a partner…or even a group.


I’ve created something so this can happen! So we can do move through the highs & lows of a 40 day meditation together!

I’m starting a 40 day meditation on Wednesday Feb. 22nd and I’m inviting YOU to join me!  I’m creating a Facebook group so we can take the journey together!   Contact me with your name and that you’d like to be added to the group.

I’ll add you and on Feb. 21st you’ll get an invitation to join and we’ll begin together on Feb. 22nd! You only need to bring your commitment to self.  That’s it!!

Click here to request to be added to the Facebook group!

Within the group you’ll have a video of our meditation (TBA) with instructions so you know what to do for 11 minutes every day – for 40 days.

If you’re joining in, and are in Victoria, I encourage you to come to the “Intro to Kundalini YogaLab” at Hudson Yoga this Saturday from 6-8:30. You’ll learn even more about Kundalini Yoga and start your 40 day meditation of primed, powerful and ready to go!

Tickets available at Hudson Yoga!   Space is limited.


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