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As many of you know, I’m a huge advocate for body, mind & spirit connection. It’s my work & my passion.  As an athlete I knew my body.  I knew it needed “x” number of calories to race an Ironman distance triathlon.  I was tuned into its subtle warnings & signals after spending hours and hours every day training my body to perform at an extremely high level.  I also knew my mind.  I could overcome pretty much anything as I could tap into the power of my mind to create seemingly impossible results.

What was missing was the mind-body connection and it’s something that I see as a ‘missing’ for many.  And it doesn’t need to be this way.

The last few weeks I’ve been fortunate to have had body work sessions done by different practitioners who, above all, honour & nurture this incredible connection.  A few days ago I had a body work session with Christina Parkhurst in her home in Cordova Bay – Body Organica.  I walked into the session knowing my body really, really well.  As the professional she is, Christina tapped into this and so we went deep right off the bat.

I shared with her how there are times when I feel like the left side of my body (the side that  had been so shattered) actually now, feels lighter.  My mind tell she that my left side “should” be the heavier side but it’s actually the opposite.  I experience my right side as heavier, and interestingly less willing to ‘let go.’  I attribute this to years of hard work and compensation provided by my right side to ‘carry’ my left side.  And through the trauma of impact my left side was essentially not given a choice but to let go.  (Yet of course it didn’t go down without a fight!)

My right side is my ‘strong side.’  It’s carried heavy burdens and it’s tough as nails, really.  It also is directly aligned to my human identity – my strong suit.  I’m strong mentally and physically, it’s no secret to anyone who knows me.  Within that strength there’s a difficulty of letting go.  Together, Christina and I looked at the ultimate underlying fear of letting go.

“What would happen if the strong side let go?” Christina asked me.  I responded that the fear is that I will be scattered…out of control.

I was already present to these things when I first arrived for my session.  Yet laying on the table having my body worked on at the same time we worked through “letting go” was powerful.  My  mind and body were able to communicate on a deeper level which allowed for further growth, transformation & an ease of “letting go.”  I shed a layer of myself that no longer served on Christina’s table last week.  I really did.

Our Bodies.  Our Minds.  Our Spirits.  They’re all connected.  Deeply.  When we honour and treat this as the truth that it is, mysteries are revealed and healing is invited to take place.  I encourage everyone to work on that connection daily.  Through exercise, meditation, deep relaxation, body work & whatever means you know will serve to strengthen this connection.   There’s magic waiting to reveal itself to you if you only allow for the opportunity.


Our last 2016 YinSpin Session is tomorrow night – Wednesday Dec. 14th at Studio 4, 6:30-7:45.


Stay tuned for 2017 locations/times TBA!

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