3 ways you can apply the benefits of Kundalini Yoga today!

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Kundalini Yoga, for many, is the ‘mysterious’ yoga practice.

I remember when I first heard about it I was super curious, and to be honest, a little skeptical.  It seemed a long ways off from a flow yoga class (which I was doing a lot of at the time) and yet I kept being drawn back to discover more.  I wanted to go deeper into stillness to discover what I’d find there. The stillness that had been so foreign to me as an athlete.

I remember the end of one of my earlier classes.  We were chanting (yep – there’s chanting in Kundalini Yoga!) when I was made so deeply aware of the love in the room around me. The love within myself.  My heart, that day, burst open.  What Kundalini Yoga offered me was a release of the stress and pressure I put on myself – it offered love and happiness to bounce in & take its place.

What does Kundalini Yoga have to offer you?

Even if you don’t go to a class, here are 3 simple things that Kundalini Yoga teaches which you can apply to your own life! Try them on for yourself and see what it makes available to you!

1.)  YOGI TEA: 

You might be a yogi, you might not!  And it doesn’t matter. Whichever you may be, enjoying a steaming cup of Ayurvedic Yogi Tea can nourish the body, mind and spirit in a single sip.  Whether you drink a cup of tea to end your yoga practice, or just to warm up on a chilly day, yogi tea offers many healthy benefits for your body.

Make some Yogi Tea for yourself today!


Food is a gift.  How often do you take the time to acknowledge this?  Taking a few moments to connect to your food & the gratitude for where it came is a life altering practice.  It deeply presences you to the pleasure & appreciation of eating.  For many of us this has been lost in exchange for hurriedly eating lunch in front of a computer.  It can also help with weight loss as over eating is often a symptom of simply not being present to the life nourishing act of eating.

It doesn’t even have to be out loud or things that anyone has to even know you’re doing if that’s there for you.  Simply the act of pausing to acknowledge is what makes all the difference.

Need some guidance?  Check out this free gift from Bodisana™ to add mindfulness to eating!  Try it today!


This might seem like a lot and it doesn’t have to be.  You can start with a simple practice for just 3 minutes!  The important thing is that you do it every single day for 40 days.  If you forget or just don’t do a day – you start over!!  This is SO powerful!  So often when we ‘miss a day’ things fall to the wayside, or one day then becomes 2 or more.  Soon your practice is out of existence.  A Kundalini 40 day meditation teaches commitment.  You get to see what changes take place in your life over 40 days of committed practice.  Even if it’s just for 3 minutes!

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