5 Ways to Increase Your Aliveness. Anywhere. Anytime.


If you’re reading this – you’re alive!  And sometimes, I know, it doesn’t feel that way.   Instead life can be perceived as a series of to-do lists.

Do you find yourself setting the snooze button on the alarm clock for a few more precious moments of sleep?  Do you “stay home” because you need the rest, yet after a night in, find yourself no more rejuvenated the next day?  The sense that something…is missing and you’re just not sure what?

If so, you’re not alone!  Welcome to a common 2017 human experience!  It’s not bad, it’s not wrong, it just doesn’t work for people who are up to living their best lives!  And like all things – there’s another way!

Here are 5 way to connect to your aliveness.  Anywhere.  Anytime.

1.) Clean up what needs to be cleaned up:

Nothing kills energy like having something to ‘clean up’ and procrastinating about it.  This is a huge topic and one I’ll be discussing a lot more in future articles.  For now, I’m inviting you to consider what happens to your experience of self when you do something that you know isn’t in alignment for who you choose to be.

Example:  You’re a person who values honesty & self expression.   Your friend invites you to an event and you don’t feel like going.  You lie and say you’d love to go but you have another event to go to.  You don’t.  You’re hiding and that doesn’t work for you.   You FEEL it.

And there’s only one thing to do when this happens.  Take an action which brings you back in alignment to being the  Come clean. Tell the truth.  No hiding.  Authentic communication and sharing.  And watch the energy and vitality flood back into your life!!  Having integrity is one of the most life-affirming things we can do for ourselves – and others!

2.)  Do one thing at a time:

 Does this sound familiar…  “If I make dinner, while sending a text and talking on the phone…then I’ll have more time to relax later..which will give me more energy.”

Not exactly.  It’s common knowledge that multi-tasking isn’t very effective. Still this compulsion to “try” and get more things done at once tends to over-ride common sense, especially when you’re nervous system is already in overdrive.  Doing multiple things at once causes your mind to be overwhelmed, scattered and totally not present! And it doesn’t allow for very effective actions either!

Now.  Talking about doing one thing at a time and actually DOING it are two different things.  Go to tip #3 for how to actually do this!

Listen to the  “Bringing Movement to Stillness” audio at the bottom of the page for more guidance!

3.)  Meditate Daily:  

Meditation serves many purposes, one of which is disciplining the mind.  When you engage in a minimum of 10 minutes a day of meditation you literally train your mind to fully get that YOU are the driver.  The captain of the ship which you call your life.  You get present to that you CAN actually create what you want, such as doing one thing at a time.

Meditation refreshes your thoughts and settles your nervous system allowing for more energy and vitality.

Still need convincing?  MindBodyGreen has written a great article on how meditation changes your brain, your habits, and how you live your life.  Check it out.

4.)  Invest in an easy-to-carry H2O bottle:

 We can go very little time without water in our system.  Only a handful of days.  And yet most of us are dehydrated  most of the time.  Our bodies are continually compensating for what they need more of.

All you have to do is look at a plant that hasn’t had enough water.  It wilts.  So do you.  And it’s the easiest thing to fix in the world.

Drink more water.

The easiest way to do this is to get a water bottle that you have with you at all times.  Take a few extra swigs while at the red light in your car or take it from your bag while in line at the store. Every sip adds up to higher energy levels!

Sweat (and stay connected!)

It’s not a secret that a workout is a great way to revitalize yourself.  It’s most certainly is.  And I’ll be the first to admit that there are times when it’s nice to plug into the tunes and let the beats drive forward your workout.  There’s a time and place for everything.

And there are also times where it’s highly beneficial to leave the tunes behind.  Take your watch off before you go out the door.  Turn off the numbers that are tallying your time and your distance.  And connect – to yourself.

Allow your breath to fuel your workout.  Be present to your surroundings & the experience in your body.  Experience your aliveness.

If you’re living in Victoria and would like a group experience of the power of fitness and stillness, check out the dates of YinSpin™ happening at BDHQ next to Lululemon in Victoria. B.C.

In the meantime, enjoy this free guided audio, blending walking and meditation to train your mind to focus on the magnificence of focusing on one thing at a time – even while in movement!


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