“Janelle is authentic and real, her story is shocking and inspiring. If you are considering changing your life, go listen to her.”

manon bolliger

Dr. Manon Bolliger
Naturopathic Medicine
Bowen College


“Janelle’s life story is inspirational and chock-full of lessons… truly a powerful experience.”


Scott Schilling
Best Selling Author, Speaker & Trainer


“As a human being, Janelle Morrison is one of the brightest, most inspiring and magnetic I have ever encountered.  As a professional speaker, she takes all of these qualities and offers a presentation that is nothing short of mesmerizing, motivating, educational, entertaining and deeply transformational.  Her intrepid, feral spirit is what this world needs a lot more of, and I highly recommend her for any event that involves personal evolution, community building, health & wellness of all kinds and some good ol’ Kundalini rising!  Janelle rocks!”


Alice Bracegirdle
CEO/Co-Founder Bellyfit®


“Janelle has a incredibly compelling story and comes with significant credibility.  She has walked the walk.  Listen to her.”

dr greg gerrie

Dr. Greg Gerrie
Speaker and Author of “Fired Up For Life”


David Knapp-Fischer
2015 TEDx Stanley Park Speaker


Leanne Bates
Founder of SoulTalks