The Vision. The Mission.


BODISANA Vision is to dramatically increase the well-being and vitality of both health-conscious and health-seeking individuals who desire vitality, balance and fulfillment.  So that it sustainably and positively increases their energy, productivity, self-awareness, inner peace, and self-love, dramatically impacting their relationship with self, family, community and the planet.

BODISANA Mission is in creating inspiring, entertaining and deeply relatable programs, services, events & experiences to bring forward the next level of health within the fitness industry.  Instilling a safe & encouraging space for all participants to personally explore and discover their missing piece(s) in body, mind and spirit.   A commitment to providing support, education, fun and freedom towards generating exceptionally healthy bodies, minds and spirits for health-conscious/health-seeking individuals across the globe.

Core Values:

Community of Trust


Health in Body, Mind & Spirit.

Leadership by Example

Exceptional Contribution

Powerfully Authentic Self-Expression

Commitment to Balance


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