It’s Time to Breathe!


WHY Breath?

The breath is the intermediary connection of the body, mind and soul.  Whether we’re in the heat of a workout while breathing hard or while in deep relaxation & stillness!   Observing “what is so” in your body through breath is an invitation to objectively explore what’s going on internally.  Breath holds the key to many secrets when we allow ourselves time to be with it, to observe it, to let it be.

A tip for using breath in your workouts!

When your body is working hard, you’re also breathing hard!  And when attention is brought to your breath during those endorphin-filled moments it connects body-mind-spirit in heightened ways.  I could write about it but I’m going to give you a tip for incorporating this into your next workout!

Before your Workout:  Take 3-5 minutes to warm up in whatever activity you’re doing.  Move slowly.  Deliberately.  Experiencing your body and preparing ig.  Inhale through your nose.  Exhale through your mouth.  During this time set an intention for your workout.  How do you want it to go?  What answers are you looking for?  What ideas do you want clarity on?  Set YOUR intention and begin your workout to bring the magic to life!

During your Workout: You’ll go through a lot of phases in your workout.  Your attention might stray.  You might go “hard” to release some stale, old energy.  You might ease off because what you’re body is needing is light movement. Be with it. Come back to your intention.   Allow your perfection to unfold.  YOU are your best teacher.  Sometimes it feels like that and sometimes it doesn’t!  I know.  I get it. Nothing is wrong.  Its all perfect!  Yet the more you listen to your body and what it means the more you’re learning to trust yourself and what you already know.

Come back to yourself whenever possible.  Simply put – BE WITH your experience.  It has so much to teach you when you make space to listen!

After your Workout: Resist the urge to jump in the shower.  Or send that text.  This is where the gold really is.  You’ve cultivated powerful energy in your workout.  And just like in a yoga class, which always ends in savasana, this is where the gold is!

Cool yourself down with some slow stretches and postures on your mat.  (I’ll be posting some of my favourites in coming weeks so stay tuned!)  Ideally you’ll have a dark room soothing music, a soft blanket & even some candles.  If this isn’t possible, then work with what’s so!  Embrace it as all part of the experience of life – even if it’s on a stretch mat in a loud & busy gym!  There’s magic everywhere when we allow ourselves to experience it!

Close your eyes.  Get comfortable.  You might lie on your back, you may even lie on your side or your tummy.  Whatever you need.  Give yourself that.  The only thing to do here is rest.  Let go.  Be.  And trust that the experience that YOU most need in that moment is what you will receive.

A Gift for Stillness Anywhere & Anytime!

If you’re like me, sometimes it’s nice to breathe on your own.  And sometimes it’s nice to be guided!  Listen to this audio directly from your computer or download it onto your device so you can practice being with your breath anywhere at anytime!  Enjoy!

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Move your Body.  Still your Mind.


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