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Transform your relationship to yourself.

Discover the next level in your health and vitality:


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The BENEFITS of working with Janelle:

•Develop new habits that are sustainable and deeply fulfilling 

• Create from your core values, aligned with what’s truly important to you

• Embody the difference between being motivated and being inspired

• Learn empowering actions to take each day that have you energized & in action

• Become unstoppable as you give yourself permission  to have freedom from limitations that don’t serve

• Become more fit and enlivened in spirit, mind and body

• Nourish your body through mindful and joyful eating

• Take time to celebrate and acknowledge your accomplishments

Give yourself permission to spend more time in nature, to breathe, and be present to your moment-to-moment experience.

Janelle also gets that life doesn’t always come in a pre-planned package.  Before you begin creating with Janelle she provides a waived-fee strategy call, so together, you can find the best solution that works for you and your life before moving forward.

  Begin transforming your relationship to yourself and set up your Strategy Call today. Create what’s possible for yourself and your life.

In spirit, mind, and body.

We create your package from these available services:

Direct consult sessions (either in person or via Zoom for distance clients) to cut through unworkable habits & old thought patterns to create fresh, new possibilities for you to live into

One on one fitness & self-care sessions with professional triathlete, elite distance runner, Kundalini Yoga teacher  & expert body, mind, spirit coach (indoor & outdoors sessions available)

Individual or group sessions

Balanced workout & self-care plan that works for you, your goals & your life

Ongoing accountability to fuel your motivation & commitment

Re-assessments of short & long term goals to ensure that your journey is expansive, fulfilling & transforming.

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Unlimited email access

I don’t believe in pre-packages.  What I do believe in is listening to you, what you need, where your life calls for support, and together creating a package that works for you.  Wherever you are, together we can transform your relationship to your health & fitness – your life.

Take the first step today.  Discover the keys to your aliveness. Presence yourself, today and every day to your greatness.

Book your 30 minute waived fee consult with Janelle today.