Introducing The GameChanger™ Yoga Series

Live Events Coming this Spring, 2018!

The GameChanger™ Yoga Series is all about empowering you to REIGNITE POSSIBILITY in all areas of your life! It all begins with who you are for yourself and who we are for each other!

We’re excited to announce the first live event of the GameChanger™ Yoga Series will be offered on May 5th, 2018 at the Hotel Grand Pacific Ballroom in Victoria, BC!

Why GameChanger™ Yoga Series?

The GameChanger™ Yoga Series started with the recognition that fitness, yoga and meditation are integral to living a life of health and wellness.   There’s  confidence and invigoration that comes from toeing the line at a 10 km running event!  There’s present moment focus and awareness during a yoga class. There’s deep calm and relaxation that’s experienced in savasana.

And what about all the stuff that happens in between the events and classes?  What about “real life?”  As a yoga teacher and endurance athlete it’s common to hear, “I feel amazing right now!  How do I keep this experience of ease and aliveness going in my day-to-day life?”

Janelle is passionate about sharing the healing benefits of physical fitness – which allowed her to make an astonishing IRONMAN triathlon podium finish comeback after a near-fatal car accident.   She’s passionate about sharing the mental/emotional healing benefits from the powerful practice of Kundalini Yoga.

And still something’s been missing…

Connection!  Community!  Janelle’s story is no different than yours.  Triumph! Disappointment!  We all have them.  They’re threaded together in this human experience we’re all sharing.  Too many of us are behind our computer screens and phones dealing with it alone.   When we come together and share our humanity, a space of healing emerges.  GameChanger™ Yoga Series is all about creating that space to REIGNITE POSSIBILITY.

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What is the GameChanger™ Yoga Series?

Watch “A Second Chance:  The Janelle Morrison Story”, a film about an IRONMAN triathlete’s astonishing recovery from a near-fatal car accident and her return to the podium.

Experience the power and deep calm of Kundalini Yoga, re-envisioned and taught by Janelle Morrison.

Q & A and LIVE COACHING with community.   Receive valuable tools in a healing space of authentic sharing that will get you what you want in life!

*Divine refreshments included between sessions!

How does the GameChanger™ Yoga Series work?

The GameChanger™ Yoga Series empowers you to create your life by design—within the power of community and authentic sharing.  You’ll be inspired to take on and expand a lifestyle that lights you up from the inside out!

Within these events you’ll be given the tools to:

  • Stop doing it alone, and realize the power of WE.
  • Access your courage at any moment
  • Be unstoppable as you see the opportunity in setbacks
  • Stop tolerating things that don’t work for you
  • Stop rationalizing yourself out of your commitments
  • Clean up messes in life that keep you small
  • Bring clarity to challenging situations and take new actions
  • Live from vision and possibility, not circumstances
  • Align with—and own your authentic power

In each of the GameChanger™ Yoga Series events, you’ll begin to know yourself as someone who rises above without ceiling or limitation, by choosing to BE the person you’ve not been giving yourself permission to BE.

How can I get coaching outside the GameChanger™ Yoga Series?

In each event, you’ll be given an opportunity to become a member of the GameChanger™ “REIGNITE POSSIBILITY” Online Community! This includes bi-monthly group coaching calls with Janelle and a like-minded group of awesome human beings!  Stay on track with commitment, fun and inspiration as you step further into possibility with a community that has your back!

Your membership includes access to the private GameChanger™ REIGNITE POSSIBILITY Facebook Group! You will receive weekly videos, articles, tips, feedback, and regular support from me and the rest your new community to keep you in action and aligned to what’s most important to you!

 GameChanger™ REIGNITE POSSIBILITY Online Membership is available only at GameChanger™ Yoga Series Events.

The launch of The GameChanger™ Yoga Series Details:

Date:  Saturday May 5th, 2018
Time:  1 – 6 pm
Location:  Hotel Grand Pacific Ballroom.  463 Belleville St, Victoria, BC.

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