Introducing: GameChanger™ Online

Coming this Spring!

The GameChanger™ system is all about empowering you to CHOOSE.

GameChanger™ Online will be offered starting in the spring of 2018! So no matter where you are, or how many things you have going on in your life, you can participate in this life-changing system anywhere with online access, at a pace that works for you!

Why GameChanger™ Online?

You and I have been born into a culture of “hurry up and go!” We focus on goals, results and destinations – which give our lives purpose and meaning – and with all this focus on the future, the journey itself is missed.

The journey of life ends up being one more thing to do, something more to take care of, another obligation to tick off the to-do list. We’ve become professional doers in order to get anywhere but where we are.

This has us living in a state of almost continual stress, tension, anxiety, and on edge. Relaxing, resting, listening and being have become lost art forms, and our quality of life is bearing the brunt of it.

What is GameChanger™ Online?

GameChanger™ Online is divided into modules, where instead of jumping full speed ahead to completion, you stop, breathe and look closely at what’s most important to you. Through this course you will get crystal-clear on 5 essential values that are yours. You and I have been taught from an early age what to value from parents, peers, teachers, our society and culture. Nothing wrong with this, it’s just that sometimes these values are not actually what WE value.

In this course, I promise you will get present to, and connect to, your 5 deepest values and align your life to them so that you have the power, freedom, ease and peace of mind that comes from living YOUR inspired life!

How does GameChanger™Online work?

GameChanger™ Online works first by getting you clear on the how the habits you have that don’t serve or align to what you value, are impacting your life! You confront all that stuff that you know is there, but you’re not dealing with. It’s not always going to be comfortable, but the plain fact is that if you want to change the game you’re playing, you need to take a good look at yourself.

Transformation is a game of courage! Are you up for it?

Within the exercises, videos and reading material provided in the modules, GameChanger™ Online teaches you to trust the best teacher you’ll ever have – YOU! Step by step, as you progress, you’ll shift your mindset to enable you to embrace your humanity. All of it. Even the part that tells you you’re not good enough, the part that fears failing and worries endlessly about what other people think. Especially those parts!!

In this course, you’ll rise above without ceiling or limitation,  by choosing to BE the person you’ve never given yourself permission to BE.

Do I get coaching with GameChanger™ Online?

The keys aspects to transformation are support, accountability and community! In GameChanger™ Online this is what you’ll receive.

First, upon registration, you are given lifetime access to the course along with 3 months of bi-weekly live coaching calls with the group, using ZOOM telecommunications which can be accessed from anywhere in North America.

You will also have access to the private GameChanger™ Facebook page! Here you will receive tips, feedback, and regular support from myself and the rest your new community to keep you on track as you create!

To ensure high value for each and every participant, space is limited in this course. Pre-registration is on its way for the first session of the course starting in spring 2018.

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