Somewhere deep inside you know it, but too often, you don’t. The conversation in your head is critical, judgmental and way too hard on yourself. There are never enough hours in the day, and although you accomplish more in a day than most do in a week, it’s rarely good enough.

Your self-care comes last on the priority list and you push on forward like the superstar you are, accomplishing and achieving one thing after another. None of which have ever resulted in the lasting fulfillment or peace of mind you seek. You strive harder, because one day you’ll get there, as you keep telling yourself.

Are you ready to stop believing in the myth that overworking works? Are you ready to stop underestimating the power of rest for your success?

Stop. Take a breath. Consider what would be available to you if…

You gave yourself permission to stop believing that stress and tension is who you are?

You allowed your thoughts to simply BE a part of your human experience, without having to believe them?

You were in the driver’s seat powerfully responding to life’s circumstances?

You could not be stopped or messed with when it comes to prioritizing your self-care?

You heard the self-critical  conversation in your head, smiled as you granted it permission to do its thing, and choose your greatness instead?

You stopped pretending that there was somewhere more important to be than where you are?

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