Do I have to be an athlete to work with Janelle? 

Not at all!  Janelle works with anyone who who wants to feel better in their body, develop a calm & responsive mind & create nurturing life habits that work!  Whether its to enhance a competitive racing edge, do your first 5 km run or lose a few pounds, Janelle brings her keen listening skills to hear where you’re at. She guides you on creating a structure to deliver you to the vision you have for your life.  All the while maintaining your journey as the top priority.

Do I have to have experience in yoga or meditation? 

Again – not at all!  Janelle meets you where you’re at and aligns you to where you most want to go!  Whether you’ve been practicing for years or have a hard time believing you can calm your mind because that’s just not how your mind works – it’s all perfect!  This isn’t about experience it’s about your commitment to what’s possible, even when it doesn’t seem possible – especially then!  With your input, Janelle aligns your self-care habits & routines towards what you’re creating in a way that works for you.

How can I work one on one with Janelle?

Janelle is working with clients one on one beginning in January, 2017!  She has programs & services for working with health-conscious & health-seeking individuals here in Victoria, where she currently resides.  Janelle also offers distance options for a limited number of clients throughout North America who are ready to embody their next level of health in body, mind & spirit.

I don’t have a lot of time. I may not have time to bring fitness & stillness into my regular day-to-day life.

Consider that your relationship with time is something that can be altered, just like your relationship to yourself can always be expanded!  Consider that a lack of time is the root of what’s stopping you from allowing fitness & stillness as a regular part of your life!  Janelle really gets that you have a lifestyle that is unique to you which include responsibilities & roles others depend on you for!  Together, you create new ways to approach your self-care habits so that you no longer take the back seat.

Sometimes I have trouble sticking to things.  How does this work?

That depends!  Are you committed to getting past the fear of how things have gone in the past? Are you willing to open yourself up to new possibilities to create things new & fresh in your life?  Janelle’s coaching is based on accountability to keep you on track!  Once your program is developedwe go over what worked/what didn’t and why!  Nothing is wrong if you fall off the wagon!  It’s human! It’s about what’s missing as we create a structure for your ultimate success and fulfillment going forward!

What are the costs? Janelle doesn’t believe that people fit into perfectly pre-planned packages. The only way to truly work effectively with one another is to find out where you’re at & what your needs are.  To stay true to the integrity of the high-quality service she provides, Janelle offers a Strategy Call (waived fee) so you can find the best solution that works for you and your life before moving forward.  Contact Janelle directly to create your initial Strategy Call!

How can I take a Bodisana Class?

Currently Bodisana YinSpin™ & Kundalini Yoga Classes are only offered in Victoria, BC, but things are already moving in new directions.  To stay connected to classes & events beyond Victoria, as well as ongoing fitness & stillness self-care tips be sure &  join the Bodisana Tribe Email List!

A recent blog Janelle wrote on the Power of Presence in fulfilling what you most want in life! We accomplish this by committing to what we know is needed.