Bodisana Kundalini Classes




Within you, there is an immense power to overcome any challenge, obstacle, or setback.   A capacity to over-ride fear in any circumstance.

So what’s the problem?

Life is busy and consumed with everyday obligations.  It seems to require going from one thing to the next on survival mode. There’s a disconnect to what lies within.  The joy within every moment of the human experience is being missed.

There’s a solution!

Kundalini Yoga.


Exude happiness inside & out!  Get more done with presence, joy & ease! Unleash your creativity!

Transform your life and relationships to be deeply satisfying and fulfilling.

Experience the power of trusting yourself and the greatness that is you.

Boost your energy levels and be more effective in your daily life, without doing more.

Tap deeply into your knowing intuition and attract more of what you want to create.

Discover the power of self-love as you embrace your human-ness & its imperfections.  It’s all perfect!

Embark on an exciting new journey of self-discovery and dismantle the ceiling of limitations you carry.  Expand into POSSIBILITY!



Hudson Yoga & Janelle are partnering to discover the best times to serve you in your practice this spring.  The most popular spots will be used to create a weekly Kundalini Yoga class for the summer schedule.

Mark your calendars.  This is all you.

Hudson Yoga Pop-Up Kundalini Yoga Classes (March – May)

Tuesday March 14:  7:30-9 pm

Sunday March 26:  1:30-3 pm

Tuesday April 7:  9:30-11 am

Sunday April 23:  1:30-3 pm

Tuesday May 9:  7:30-9 pm

*Bring a yoga mat, cozy blanket and cushion for sitting (if you prefer.)

*Bring yourself.   All levels of experience welcome.  However you come to class.  Is perfect. 

Additional Spring, 2017 Option:

For those of you who want more, Janelle’s teaching classes out of her home every Monday evening in Vic West from 7:00-8:30 to a group of 9-10 in a relaxed candlelit setting.  Classes are on a first come/first serve basis and always fill up quickly.  Please inquire early to ensure a spot.

The principles behind Kundalini Yoga also form the foundation and basis for much of gentle postures, deep relaxation & sound of the stillness practiced within Bodisana YinSpin™  .

Join us if you’d like to see what conscious fitness has to offer your health and well-being.

Have you heard of the Grammy Award Winning, White Sun?  Kundalini Yoga chanting and sacred sound for deep relaxation to settle your nervous system.  I highly recommend you take a listen if your spirit, mind and body could use some TLC right now!