How To Use Your Breath To Have Your Best Workout Ever!

The feel-good benefits of a sweaty workout aren’t exactly a secret! Let’s be honest, they’re a big reason you set the alarm before work to fit in a loop of your favourite running trail. They’re why you head over to spin class even after a long day’s work. Exercise is the ultimate life-giving energy boost! Happy endorphin...
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What to do in the “tough” moments.

It's mile 18.  Your heart's pounding exhaustively, your breath is heavy, there's tightness in your shoulders and with each step your legs are beginning to move further into the "cement block" feeling. You still have a little over 8 miles to go... You pass an aid station and squeeze the little dixie cup of water, but...
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How to Master the Art of Commitment and Surrender

The Equation It's June of  2009, and I'm sitting outside on a striped lawn chair, eating corn on the cob as the sun goes down. It's my my last day of teaching and I'm at an "End of the Year BBQ" for teachers.  Most are coming back in September.  I'm not. I've just sold my home, given up...
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Motivation vs. Inspiration: Finding your WHY

Victoria Marathon Blog Entry Submitted August 5th, 2017  


Training for and racing an endurance event such as the Victoria Marathon takes big motivation.  If you're in training right now, you know all about it.  We've all had those days, while training for an endurance...

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