Janelle Morrison Biography


Janelle is a:

Game Changer

Transformational Speaker


Subject of A Second Chance documentary film

Former Ironman Pro Triathlete and Team Canada Distance Runner

3x Magazine Cover Story

Kundalini Yoga Teacher & Stillness Expert

Former Elementary School Teacher (aka Ms. Mo)

BA – Psychology & BEd Elementary

You’re Already Here.  And You’ll Arrive Now.

Janelle is a Quality of Life Catalyst.

Racing as a professional Ironman distance triathlete, and overcoming seemingly insurmountable odds along the way, after a near-fatal car accident, required a tool box of determination, courage,  and audacious commitment.

Janelle knows what it takes to achieve the “impossible.”

She also knows that all the results, finish lines and accolades in the world don’t equate to happiness, peace of mind and fulfillment.

The quality of life we enjoy in the west has never been higher – so what’s missing?

We have more convenience but less time.   We can travel faster but never seem to arrive.  We have instant text messages but less communication.  We have better health care but less vitality. We have softer pillows but less sleep.

Janelle believes that we all deserve a quality of life that lights us up from the inside out.

And that we are all capable of achieving it.  We are it.

In this moment.  And the moment after that…


Athletic Achievements

Triathlon: 2014 

10th – Wildflower

8th – Boise 70.3

8th – Muskoka 70.3

7th – Silverman 70.3

Triathlon: 2013 

10th – Wildflower

7th – Boise 70.3

7th Lake Stevens

Triathlon: 2012 

1st – Osoyoos Half

9th – Calgary 70.3

3rd – Ironman Canada


Car Accident & 2 Year Recovery

Triathlon: 2010 

8th – Ironman Canada

5th Ironman Coeur d’Alene

4th Oliver Half – (Run Course Record)

1st – Wine Capital of Canada Sprint Triathlon

Triathlon: 2009 

2nd – Wine Capital of Canada Olympic Distance Triathlon

6th – Boise 70.3 (Debut Professional 70.3)

2nd – Canadian Long Course Championships.  (Run Course Record)

3rd – Ironman Canada (Debut Professional Ironman)

Triathlon: 2008 (First Amateur Triathlon Season) 

6th – Hawaii Ironman World Championships (Fastest Run Split)

1st – Ironman Canada (Fastest Run Split)

2nd – Canadian National Long Course Triathlon Championships

2nd – Oliver Half (Debut) 

Distance Running: 2007

7th – Canadian Marathon Championships (2:53)

3rd Edmonton ING Half Marathon

1st – Stony Plain 10 k. (37 mins)

10th Overall & 2nd Canadian Female – Toronto Waterfront Marathon (2:49)

Distance Running: 2006

1st – Edmonton ING Marathon (3:03)


IMC finish with tape