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Breaking the Silence Part 2
Written by Janelle   
Tuesday, 31 December 2013 04:19

After 3 years of being super public about the accident and arduous (aka crazy) recovery that followed, the last few months have been like a breath of fresh air.  Even early into my recovery I was making video diaries for A Second Chance film to be used for a documentary which I believe most of you have heard wind of by now;) Let it be known that I'd do it again in a split second but things like that take their toll, and it was time for me to be privately introspective to ensure that I was doing what I wanted to be doing, and for the right reasons.  I think this sort of thing is important for all of us at various points in our lives.  The last few months have been mine.

So, not that it really matters, since I know that everyone has their own life with it's trials, tribulations, awesomeness...and all that stuff, but for my own purposes going to clear up a few things. I've been asked a few of the following questions more than once lately so here are my answers, for what they're worth!!

Q: Are you going to race in 2014?

A: Yes.

Q: I've heard you are going to be substitute teaching, speaking, and living in a colder climate.  Are you going to now race amateur or professional?

A: Professional.  (Even if Frank Tarbox has named me "ex-pro" as a contact in his i-phone.)

Q: Why?

A: Well, let's see.  I clawed my way back from the depths of the depths.  I didn't do all of that work to almost get to what I want to do or almost get to where I want to go.  I have it in me. Perhaps not multiple efforts or years and years of it.  But it's in me.  That's all.  I will have my moment. It will be shared.  And it will be awesome.  THIS is what life is about. LIVING what we feel we're meant to do.  Otherwise don't my opinion.

Q: Has your plantar fasciitis healed completely?

A: Yes.  It took 15 months, but yes.

Q: You're taking a different approach from many professional triathletes.  Why?

A: Because I'm owning it as MY approach. Everyone is different and my road has been a little unique.  This is what I feel I need to do.  Take the pressure off.  Have more fun with it.  Become involved with communities/people that have supported this entire process.  Eliminating the singular approach that never worked for me. Less volume. More quality.  Having balance in my life to be the best person I can be, on and off the race course.  An important work in progress.

Q: Will you still have sponsors?

A: Yup;) My sponsors have been unrelenting in their support.  I will be dedicating my next blog entirely to them, as well as new sponsors that have come on board to help me on my journey.  Stay tuned for more on this.  A quick mention to local Calgary support such as Dr. Brian Abelson who is committed to keeping me healthy this year, and the groups that I'll be training locally with such as Cal Zaryski and The Talisman Center.  Still on the lookout for my running niche, but in a running friendly city like Calgary, the options are pretty much endless.  But again more on this very soon.

Q: Who will be your coach?

A: Mark Allen. Who else?;)  Not only the most awesome coach, but also a good friend.  Does the combo get any better?  Don't think so. Grateful.

Q: Are you ever going to learn how to swim?

A: Never say never.  Ever.  ;)

All right. Calling it. But first, 1 more thing. I haven't actually been asked this question but it seems like the elephant in the room.  Yes, I'll be re-structuring/making alterations to my website very, very soon. Pretty neglected I know.  I know...

Happy New Year everybody!  Let's do this 2014 thing up good.  Real good.




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